Man pages for andrew-MET/harpIO
IO functions for HARP

accumulate_forecastAccumulate a forecast over a given time period.
get_filenamesGet filename(s) for meteorological data
get_grib_param_infoGet grib paramater information
get_netcdf_param_METGet MET Norway NetCDF parameter name from a HARP parameter...
get_templateGet File Name Template
parse_harp_parameterParse the parameter name and decide on level, accumulation...
parse_v_parameter_synopParse a synop parameter from a vobs or vfld convention to...
parse_v_parameter_tempParse a temp parameter from a vobs or vfld convention to harp...
pipePipe operator
read_det_interpolateRead deterministic forecast files and interpolate to...
read_eps_interpolateRead EPS forecast files and interpolate to stations.
read_faRead a field from an FA file
read_gribRead a field from a grib file
read_hdf5Read/decode hdf5 files, mainly ODIM style
read_membersRead ensemble members from a forecast file
read_netcdfRead a 2d field from NetCDF file.
read_netcdf_interpolateRead a netcdf file and interpolate to stations.
read_obs_convertRead observations and output to sqlite OBSTABLE file(s)
read_point_forecastRead point forecasts from FCTABLE files
read_point_obsRead point observations from OBSTABLE files
read_vfld_interpolateRead data from a vfld file
read_vobsRead data from a vobs file.
rh2tdewStandard Magnus formula for dewpoint temperature
save_point_verifSave verification data
seq_datesGenerate a sequence of dates
station_listList of Weather Stations
str_datetime_to_unixtimeConvert a date-time string to unix time
unix2datetimeConvert unix time to date type
unix2YMDConvert unix time to YYYYMMDD string
unix2YMDhConvert unix time to YYYYMMDDHH string
unix2YMDhmConvert unix time to YYYYMMDDHHmm string
unixtime_to_str_datetimeConvert unix time to a date-time string
write_fctable_to_sqliteWrite a 'harp_fcst' object to an sqlite file.
YMDConvert date type to YYYYMMDD string
YMD2unixConvert YYYYMMDD string to unix time
YMDhConvert date type to YYYYMMDDHH string
YMDh2unixConvert YYYYMMDDHH string to unix time
YMDhmConvert date type to YYYYMMDDHHmm string
YMDhm2unixConvert YYYYMMDDHHmm string to unix time
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