Man pages for andrew-MET/mepsr
Utilities for MEPS data

ensemble_meanCompute the ensemble mean of a 2d field
ensemble_sdCompute the ensemble standard deviation of a 2d field
ens_mean_and_sdCompute the ensemble mean and standard deviation
get_data_filenameGets the filename of a forecast file from the date, cycle and...
get_grib_param_infoGet grib paramater information
get_netcdf_param_METGet MET Norway NetCDF parameter name from a HARP parameter...
get_templateGet File Name Template
grib_level_typesList of Weather Stations
plot_x_sectionPlot a vertical cross section of a three dimensional field
quick_plot_fieldPlot a field from an eps model
read_gribRead a field from a grib file
read_membersRead ensemble members from a forecast file
read_netcdfRead a 2d field from NetCDF file.
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