Man pages for andrewpbray/reed-oilabs
R Package Companion to OpenIntro Labs

amesHousing prices in Ames, Iowa
arbuthnotMale and female births in London
atheismAtheism in the world data
bdimsBody Dimensions
calc_streakCalculate hit streaks.
cancerCancer and height
curryCurry long shots
evalsTeachers evaluations at the University of Texas at Austin
get_firstGet first digit
inferenceHypothesis tests and confidence intervals
iranElection results for the 2009 Iranian presidential election
kobe_basketKobe Bryant basketball performance
lungLung Disease and Therapy
millenialsMillenials and Marriage
mlb11Major League Baseball team data
ncNorth Carolina births
nycflightsFlights data
oilabsoilabs: An R package accompanying the OpenIntro labs.
pnwflightsPacific Northwest Flights data
presentMale and female births in the US
promoteResults from study on sex and promotion decisions
qqnormsimGenerate simulated QQ plots
rep_sample_nRepeating sampling.
survey141Cleaned Student Survey Data
thesesSenior Thesis Checkouts
yawnResults from MythBusters: Is Yawning Contagious?
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