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Two Stage Residual Inclusion Additive Hazards Estimator

baselineestThe baseline hazards function
betaconfintthe confidence interval for our beta estimator
betavarestbetavarest function
coefestThe finite dimensional coefficients estimator
DhattDhatt function
EhattEhatt function
EThetaEpartEThetaEpart function
GhattGhatt function
GintGint function
GZintGZ_int function
hazardpredA hazard prediction function
hazardpredvaresthazardpredvarest function
leadpartleadpart function
lowerconfintthe pointwise lower confidence interval for the survival...
omegainvOmega inverse function
pihattpihatt function
plot.tsriadditiveplot function associated with our class
predict.tsriadditivethe predict function associated with our class
print.tsriadditivethe print function associated with our class
psihatpsihat function
qhattqhatt function
qprimehattqprimehatt function
qprimepihattqprimepihatt function
regadditivefitregadditivefit function
regcompadditivefitregcompadditivefit function
regsurvadditivefitregsuradditivefit function
scoreprocessA scoreprocess function
sigmaonesigmaone function
sigmathreesigmathree function
sigmatwosigmatwo function
sonesone function
summary.tsriadditivethe summary function associated with our class
survivalpredA survival prediction function
survprobconfintthe pointwise confidence interval for the survival curve
szeroszero function
szerointszeroint function
tsriadditivetsriadditive generic
tsriadditive.defaultfit an additive hazards model with two stage residual...
tsriadditivefitfit an additive hazard using two stage residual inclusion...
tsricompadditivefitfit an additive hazard without using IV method under...
tsrisurvadditivefitfit an additive hazard using IV method under survival...
upperconfintthe pointwise upper confidence interval for the survival...
YGintYGint function
YintYint function
ZbarZbar function
ZintZint function
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