Man pages for andrie/braidppt
An extension of braid to deal with PowerPoint output

as.braidpptCreates object of class braidppt. This is an extension of...
braidCompile.braidpptCompiles braid object to ppt.
braidCompilePPTCompiles braid object to ppt.
braidpptCloseCloses ppt.
braidpptInsertImageInserts image on slide.
braidpptNewInitialises braidppt.
braidpptNewSlideAdds new slide.
braidppt-packageExtension to braid that deals with PowerPoint output
braidpptPlotInserts image on slide.
braidpptSaveSaves ppt.
is.braidpptTests that object is of class braid.
isCOMsupportedTests whether R architecture is 32-bit Windows.
msTemplatePathGuess where template file is found in user path.
pptCloseCloses open PowerPoint presentation.
pptInsertImageAdd picture (image file) to slide.
pptInsertTextboxInsert textbox on current slide.
pptNewCreate new PowerPoint presentation and applies template.
pptNewSlideAdds new slide to existing PowerPoint object and adds text...
pptOpenOpens existing PowerPoint presentations.
pptSaveSaves PowerPoint presentation.
tabIndentLevelsDetermines indentation level of text, based on tab characters...
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