Man pages for andrie/shimmer
Discrete Event Simulation for Scaling Shiny, Using the Simmer Package

agammaAlternative formulation of rgamma function, supplying mean...
fast_server_usage_summaryRapidly computes a resource usage summary.
last_resource_valueExtracts last available value of a resource
plot_shimmer_connection_usagePlot shimmer connection usage
plot_shimmer_cpu_usagePlot shimmer cpu usage
plot_shimmer_process_usagePlot shimmer process usage
plot_shimmer_rejection_usagePlot shimmer rejections
plot_shimmer_resourcesPlot shiny resources
plot_shimmer_response_histogramPlot histogram of CPU response times
plot_shimmer_usagePlot shimmer resource usage
shimmerDefines shiny simulation and runs for a specified period of...
shimmer_config_fileDefines the location of the example config.yml
shimmer-packageDiscrete Event Simulation for Scaling Shiny, Using the Simmer...
shimmer_shinyRuns a shimmer simulation inside a shiny app.
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