Man pages for andrie/surveyor
Tools for analysing, reporting and plotting survey data

allNATests for all NA values.
allNullTests for all NULL values
as.surveyorCreates object of class surveyor.
as.surveyorCodeCreates object of class "surveyorCode".
as.surveyorPlotCreates surveyorPlot object and adds plot title.
as.surveyorStatsCreates surveyorStats object, used as input to plot.
codeGuessCode survey data in single or array question form.
codeQuickArrayCode survey data in single or array question form.
cutJustCuts values and assign new values to each break.
filterNocommentRemoves a selected range of 'content-free' strings.
firstSignifFinds first significant digit.
flatten.pairwise.tableTakes pairwise comparison table and flatten it for easy...
formatLabelsApplies formatting to labels and calculates justification...
formatPercentFormats numeric value as percentage.
formatPoundRounds to specified level of precision and prefixes a...
formatRoundRounds to specified level of precision.
formatValuesApplies format function to x.
identify_netScoreGuesses whether a question should be coded as net score.
is.surveyorTests that object is of class surveyor object.
is.surveyorCodeTests whether object is of class "surveyorCode".
is.surveyorPlotTest object for membership of class "surveyorPlot".
is.surveyorStatsTest object for membership of class "surveyorStats".
isValidCrossbreakTests that crossbreak is valid.
is.yesnoChecks if question has response of yes/no.
latexSidewaysPrepares a string to be printed sideways (vertical) in LaTex
latexTableCaptures the print output of a Latex xtable
latticeLabelsCreate lattice labels.
netScoreCalculates a net score
paste.matrixPaste matrix
plotBarPlot data in bar chart format.
plotBarSumPlot data in bar chart format without modifying format.
plotColoursApply Brewer pallete colours to plot
plotColumnPlot data in column chart format
plotGuessGuesses which plot format is optimal
plotNetScorePlot data in net score format (bar chart, but percentage...
plotNullPlots nothing, useful to suppress plot and return data only.
plotPointPlot data in bubble chart format
plotTextPlot data as text.
print.ggplotmodmodified print method for ggplot to align title to plot...
print.surveyorPrints surveyor object.
print.surveyorPlotprint method for surveyorPlot object.
print.surveyorStatsPrint surveyorStats object.
qTypeDetermines question type as single/grid question and...
quickStackStacks a data frame into a single vector.
quietBlank axis titles and no legend
quiet_axesBlank axis titles
reorderQuestionSorts data.frame questions in descending order by value.
reorderResponseSorts data.frame responses in descending order by value.
roundFirstSignifRounds to level of first significant digit.
smargin.tableFor a contingency table in array form, compute the sum of...
splitBinCombineSplits a data.frame, applies a function and combines into...
splitMeanCombineSplits a data.frame, applies a function and combines into...
splitPercentCombineSplits a data.frame, applies a function and combines into...
sprop.tableExpress Table Entries as Fraction of Marginal Table
statsBinCalculates summary statistics.
statsBinPercentCalculates summary statistics
statsCentralCalculates central tendency.
statsCountCalculates numeric count.
statsGuessInspects data and guesses what type of analysis to do.
statsMeanCalculates numeric mean.
statsMedianCalculates numeric median.
statsNetScoreCode survey data as net score.
statsRankCalculates summary statistics for ranking type questions
statsSumCalculates numeric sum.
statsTextCode survey data as text.
str.surveyorDisplay the structure of a surveyor object.
str.surveyorPlotDisplay structure of surveyorPlot object.
subset.surveyorSubsetting surveyor objects.
surveyorDefaultsInitialises surveyor object defaults.
surveyor-packageTools for analysing and reporting on survey objects.
surveyorUpdateDefaultsSelectively updates surveyor defaults.
surveyPlotCodes and plots a survey question.
surveyPlotApplyApply surveyPlot to list of question definitions.
surveyTableWrapper around surveyPlot that suppresses plot creation and...
surveyTableApplyApply surveyTable to list of question definitions.
tableGuessPrints cbreak information in latex format
tcastCast list of crosstab data into data frame.
theme_minimalDefine minimal theme
theme_surveyorSets up default surveyor theme for use in ggplot.
weightedCountCalculates weighted count.
weightedMeanCalculates weighted mean.
weightedMedianCalculates weighted median.
weightedSumCalculates weighted sum.
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