RevoBenchmark: Returns the system time for a modified version of the Urbanek...

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Returns the system time for a modified version of the Urbanek benchmarks.


RevoBenchmark(threads = 4, show.message = TRUE, scale.factor = 1)



Number of Intel MKL threads to use if availalbe. Tests for the presence of the packages RevoUtilsMath or RevoBase and sets the number of threads using RevoUtilsMath::setMKLthreads


If TRUE, shows interim results as console messages


A numeric value that scales the size of the data up or down. The default value of 1 has data sizes that yields a runtime of ~2 seconds per test on an 8-core machine with the MKL available. For quick and easy testing, reduce the scale.factor to less than 1. (The primary use case for low scale.factor is to reduce the unit testing time when testing the package itself on CRAN.) To scale out the test data, use scale.factor of greater than 1.

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