Man pages for andykrause/FBB30x30
30x30 Fantasy Baseball Description and Analysis

adjustWhipAdjust whip values by team numbers
analyzeSimulationsCalculate SLG
baseballref_dfBaseball Reference tables and codes
batprojs_dfBatting Projections
batting_dfBasic batting statistics
brExtractIDExtract player ID
brExtractStatsExtract each individual stat
brToTableConvert Raw BR data to a table
calcOBPCalculate OBP
calcPACalculate Plate Appearances
calcRelativeRotisserieValueCalculate relative rotisserie value for a stat
calcSLGCalculate SLG
calcWHIPCalculate WHIP
categoryDiffEngineAnalyze Season to get point differntials
crExpertRVCorrectionsExpert correction of rv values from simulations
crRelativeBattingValueCalculate relative rotisserie values for batters
crRelativePitchingValueCalculate relative rotisserie values for pitchers
crRelativeRotisserieValueCalculate relative rotisserie values
customRankingsGeneric method for custom ranking processes
customRankings.fpFantasy pros (fp)
customRankings.rrvRelative rotisserie values (rrv)
customRankings.rrvpRelative rotisserie values (rrv)
customRankings.rrvptRelative rotisserie values (rrv)
customRankings.rrvtRelative rotisserie values (rrv)
draftUpdateRankingsUpdate a teams available rankings
fielding_dfBasic fielding statistics
findReplacementValueFind replacement level value for a given category
fixFPNameFix Fantasy Pros Name Field
getBRStatsWrapper for getting BR stats (Generic Method)
getBRStats.battingWrapper for getting basic BR batting stats
getBRStats.fieldingWrapper for getting basic BR fielding stats
getBRStats.pitchingWrapper for getting basic BR pitching stats
marcel2018_projMarcel projections from Baseball Reference
multiFBBSimulationsCalculate SLG
organizeRSAnnBattingOrganize Batting Data
organizeRSAnnFieldingOrganize Fielding Data
organizeRSAnnPitchingOrganize Pitching Data
pitching_dfBasic pitching statistics
pitchprojs_dfPitching Projections
players_dfPlayer Information
projectErrorsProject errors
projectGIDPProject ground into double plays
projectHoldsProject holds
projectQSProject quality starts
rankings_dfDraft Rankings
rrvToRankingsConvert RRV data (and other relative measure) to a set of...
scrapeBRStatsScrape RetroSheet Annual Stats
scrapeMarcelProjectionsGet Marcel projections
scrapeRetroAnnualDataScrape RetroSheet Annual Stats
seasonAnalysisAnalyze Season to get point differntials
seasons_Season Results
simBattingSeasonSimulate a batting season
simPitchingSeasonSimulate a pitching season
simulateFBBCalculate SLG
teams_dfTeam Identifier Codes
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