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Miscellaneous Functions for Bioinformatics and Bayesian Statistics

a_hat_mleLikelihood function of the James-Stein shrinkage factor.
allDupsIdentify all duplicates values in a vector.
bayesbiobayesbio: Miscellaneous functions useful in bioinformatics...
cbindFillcbind while converting missing entries to NA.
covariatesTableCreate a table summarizing covariates segregated by levels of...
createStringsCreates random, unique character strings.
ggHorizBarCreate a color-labeled horizontal bar plot in ggplot2.
jaccardSetsJaccard index of two character vectors.
makeMatSymReplace the upper or lower triangle of a matrix with the...
mgsubMultiple pattern gsub.
nearestTimeMerge data frames based on the nearest datetime differences.
nearestTimeandIDMerge data frames based on the nearest datetime differences...
p.adjust.nlpAdjust p-values where n is less than p.
pubmedQueryPerform PubMed queries on 2x2 combinations of term vectors.
std_errorFind the standard error of the sampling distribution of a...
subsupDiagAdd values to the super- and sub-diagonals of a matrix.
unequalVarShrinkPerform James-Stein shrinkage estimation using unequal...
weightedShrinkWeighted shrinkage estimation.
write.delimWrite a data frame to a file with delimiter style.
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