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RBA-style R Plots

agg_ablineAdd an AB line to your graph
agg_aesDefine an aesthetic for a graph, or a graph layer.
agg_arrowAdd an arrow
agg_autolabelAdd automatically placed label
agg_bgshadingAdd background shading
agg_colAdd a col layer to an arphit plot.
agg_drawDraw a defined graph
agg_footnoteAdd a footnote (or many footnotes)
agg_labelAdd a label
agg_legendAdd a legend to the graph
agg_lineAdd a line layer to an arphit plot.
agg_pointAdd a scatter layer to an arphit plot.
agg_qplotRBA-style graphs in R
agg_shadingAdd shading between series
agg_sourceAdd a source (or many sources)
agg_subtitleAdd a subtitle or panel subtitle
agg_titleAdd a title or panel title
agg_unitsAdd units (for the y axis)
agg_xaxislabelAdd an axis label to the x axis
agg_xlimSpecify the x limits for a graph
agg_xunitsAdd units to the x axis (only works for scatter graphs)
agg_yaxislabelAdd an axis label to the y axis
agg_ylimSpecify the y scale for a graph
arphitggCreate an new arphit graph
plus-.arphit.ggAdd a layer or element to an arphitgg graph.
print.arphit.ggDraw a defined graph
RBARBA colour palette
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