Man pages for animalnexus/feedr
Transforming Raw RFID Data

animalnexusLaunch local animalnexus
check_idsCheck for and omit non-animal animal ids
check_problemsCheck for and correct odd animal ids
chickadeesRead data on Chickadees from gap-crossing study
convert_activityConvert data for use by the activity package
convert_anidomConvert displacements for use by functions from the aniDom...
convert_asnipeConvert data for use in two asnipe functions
convert_dominanceConvert displacements for use by functions from the Dominance...
convert_percConvert displacements for use by the Perc package
dailyDaily activity
dl_dataDownload data from original animalnexus database
feedr-packageTransforming Raw RFID Data
figuresCreate figures
finchesFinch visits to RFID-enabled feeders
finches_lgLarge dataset of finch visits to RFID-enabled feeders
inoutSummarize trips when RFID loggers define in/out
load_formatFormat data
load_rawLoad raw read data
load_raw_allLoad and combine raw data files
map_ggmapMap data using ggmap
map_leafletMap data using leaflet
sunGet sunrise/sunset times
tz_offsetGet timezone offset from UTC
ui_animateAnimated map for individuals with leaflet
ui_dbUser-interface for downloading from the animalnexus database
ui_importUser-interface for importing files
ui_transUser-interface for transforming data
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