The goal of aocodeR is to help me solve and share my advent of code puzzles.

aoc_get_input() function

With the help of my colleague Phil Tooley, I wrote a function to get the input for a given day directly from the Advent of Code server. It defaults to inputs for 2017 puzzles but you can override that by supplying a different year to year. The server also needs to know who the user is so the path to a .txt file containing a users session cookie needs to be supplied to argument cookie_path.




aoc_get_input(day = 1, cookie_path = "~/Documents/workflows/hackathon-output-repos/advent_of_code/secrets/session_cookie.txt")

Getting your session cookie

In chrome, get your cookie details by clicking on the triple dot menu

' (top right) > More tools > Developer tools > Application > Cookies. You need to copy the long

' string in the value column for row session. Save that as a text file.

Advent of Code vignette template

I like solving my puzzles in vignettes and am compiling and sharing them in a github repo. Because many parts of documenting my puzzle solutions are repetitive across days, I made a .Rmd template I can reuse which is also available through this package! There are a few paths and links that default to settings I want but you can either overwrite them or delete them all together.

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