Man pages for annam21/spaceNtime
Run TTE, STE, and IS Models

add_intAdd interval column
build_occBuild sampling occasions
build_occ_camSampling occasions by camera
chck_namesCheck that certain names exist
effort_fnDetermine effort at each camera on each occasion
exp_logl_fnExponential log likelihood
find_overlapFind cameras with overlapping intervals
ise_build_ehBuild ISE encounter history
ise_estN_fnEstimate N through ISE
logCILog confidence intervals
overlFind if a single interval overlaps multiple intervals
sampling_startCreate sequence of start times
ste_build_ehBuild STE encounter history
ste_calc_censorCalculate censor for each time step
ste_calc_toeventCalculate STE on each occasion
ste_estN_fnEstimate abundance from STE
study_subsetSubset camera-related data
tte_build_ehBuild TTE encounter history
tte_calc_toeventCalculate time-to-event
tte_estN_fnEstimate abundance with time-to-event (TTE)
tte_samp_perSampling period length
validate_deployValidate deploy object
validate_dfValidate df
validate_df_deployValidate df and deploy together
validate_occValidate occ
validate_start_endValidate start and end columns
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