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OpenKSH Tidy KSH Data

check_directoryCheck if there is a directory to use
create_megye_mapCreate county map
download_stadat_fileDownload a Stadat file
get_real_incomeGet Real Income (2.1.53i) Get the Stadat 2.1.53 statistics
get_regional_building_permitsNew construction permits for Hungarian regions and counties
get_regional_demography_age_groupGet resident population by age-group, for Hungarian regions...
get_regional_dwellingsGet number of new dwellings and for Hungarian regions and...
get_regional_dwellings_changeNew construction permits for Hungarian regions and counties
get_regional_ec_active_populationGet economically activity population for Hungarian regions...
get_regional_economic_activity_rateGet economic activity rate for Hungarian regions and counties
get_regional_gdpGet regional GDP data for Hungary
get_regional_net_earningsAverage monthly net earnings of full-time employees by the...
get_regional_theatre_cinema_admissionsGet theatre and cinema admissions for Hungarian regions and...
pipePipe operator
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