Man pages for antaldaniel/retroharmonize
Ex Post Survey Data Harmonization

as_factorConvert labelled_spss_survey vector To Factor
as_labelled_spss_surveyLabelled to labelled_spss_survey
codebook_createCreate a codebook
collect_val_labelsCollect labels from metadata file
concatenateConcatenate haven_labelled_spss vectors
convert_to_labelled_spssConvert to haven_labelled_spss
document_survey_itemDocument survey item harmonization
document_wavesDocument survey lists
harmonize_na_valuesHarmonize na_values in haven_labelled_spss
harmonize_valuesHarmonize the values and labels of labelled vectors
harmonize_var_namesHarmonize the variable names of surveys
harmonize_wavesHarmonize waves
labelled_spss_surveyLabelled vectors for multiple SPSS surveys
label_normalizeNormalize value and variable labels
merge_wavesMerge waves
metadata_createCreate a metadata table
metadata_initializeInitialize a metadata data frame
metadat_createCreate a metadata table
na_range_to_valuesHarmonize user-defined missing value ranges
pipePipe operator
pull_surveyPull a survey from a survey list
read_dtaRead Stata DTA files ('.dta') files
read_rdsRead survey from rds file
read_spssRead SPSS ('.sav', '.zsav', '.por') files. Write '.sav' and...
read_surveysRead Survey Files
retroharmonizeretroharmonize: Retrospective harmonization of survey data...
subset_save_surveysSubset and Save Surveys
subset_wavesSubset all surveys in a wave
suggest_permanent_namesSuggest Permanent Names
suggest_var_namesSuggest Variable Names The function harmonizes the variable...
surveySurvey data frame
validate_harmonize_labelsValidate harmonize_labels parameter Check if "from", "to",...
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