Man pages for antoinestevens/MODISExtra
Download and extract MODIS imagery

add_raster_attributesAdd attributes to a Raster* object
convert_dn_modisConvert MOD13A2 and MOD15A2 DN values to physical values
convert_modisConvert MODIS files
convert_qf_modisConvert bit values from a QFLAG MODIS product
filesUrlGet MODIS file URL's
gapfill_rasterFill NA values in Raster* time series by interpolation (gap...
getHdfCreate or update a local, user-defined subset of the global...
interpolate_rasterInterpolate a Raster* time series to new time stamps...
MODISExtraAccess and extract MODIS imagery.
orgTimeHandles the in/output date used in the...
runGdalProcess MODIS hdf with GDAL
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