Man pages for antoinestevens/copernicus
Download and Extract COPERNICUS Global Land Vegetation Products

check_tile_copernicusCheck availability of a COPERNICUS tile
check_time_copernicusBegin and end date of COPERNICUS products
check_version_copernicusCheck algorithm version for a given COPERNICUS product
compare_raster_spaceCompare Spatial Consistency of Two Rasters
compare_raster_timeCompare Temporal Consistency of two Rasters
convert_qf_copernicusConvert bit values from a QFLAG COPERNICUS product
copernicusAccess and extract COPERNICUS imagery
copernicus_optionsSet or get options for the 'copernicus' package
download_copernicusDownload COPERNICUS products
extract_copernicusExtract and process COPERNICUS h5 files
gen_tile_copernicusGenerate COPERNICUS tiling grid
get_tile_copernicusGet COPERNICUS tile(s) for a given extent
get_url_copernicusGet url's of COPERNICUS products
reset_optionsReset global options for pkg
scan_file_copernicusScan COPERNICUS file(s) name
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