Man pages for antongrau/soc.elite
Contains the Danish Elite Network for 2012-2013 with analytical functions

adj.indAdjacency matrix for individuals
adj.orgAdjacency matrix for affiliations
beskrivelserCombine descriptions
corp13Top 1000 corporations in Denmark in 2013
cvrDB.connectionsCreate a den object from the elite cvr database
denDanish Elite Network
description.vectorA vector of descriptions for each individual
directors08Directors 2008 dataset
dist.plotDistribution plot you know?
edge.coordEdge coordinates
efternavneExtract last names
ego.networkEgo network
ego.two.modeA report of the first neighborhood of an individiual
ego.two.mode.affilA report of the first neighborhood of an affiliation
eliteDB.connectionsCreate a den object from the elite database
elite.networkElite network network for affiliations
find.beskrivelseSearch descriptions
find.coreFind the core in an elite network
find.core.netFind the core in an elite network - using a graph as input
find.genderFind the gender by name
fornavneExtract first names
graph.plotgraph.plot - Plots a weighted graph, with weighted edges as a...
graph.plot.twomodeTwomode graphs
hvadHvad er det?
hvemHvem er det?
inddel.postnummerCategories from postal codes
largest.componentLargest component
line.plotLine plots
membership.vectorA vector of memberships for each individual
member.vectorA vector of members in an affiliation by variable
pe13Power Elite 2013
proximitySocial proximity
secondary.actorsSecondary actors
soc.eliteDanish Elite Network
soc.elite-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
tag.networkTag network
tag.relationsTag relation
tag.vectorCreate a vector of tags on the basis of a affiliations
tile.plotTile.plot Plots a matrix as tile with color according to...
two.modeCreate a two-mode network from an affiliation list
variable.from.rel.orgCreate an organisation variable from relations matrix
vertex.measuresVertex descriptives
vertex.measures.directedVertex descriptives for directed graphs
whoWho is it?
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