Man pages for antonmalko/ibextor
Easy preprocessing of Ibex data

add_quest_linesFind question lines in DAJ Ibex controllers
auto_determine_del_colHelper function to auto-determine columns to be deleted
check_missingA utility function reporting if the information the user...
count_columnsA function to count number of columns in a file.
delete_columnsA function to delete columns from the data based on data...
detect_sa_linesFind which lines come from "speeded acceptability" mode
detect_sprt_linesFind which lines come from "self-paced reading" mode
format_ibexSet the names and classes for the columns in Ibex data
get_resultsGet results from an Ibex controller
get_subj_infoExtract subjects info from Ibex data
make_column_classesA function to provide default names for columns and ensure...
make_column_namesA function to provide default names for columns and ensure...
read_ibexRead the csv file with Ibex results
recode_subjectsSet unique subject IDs
report_del_colHelper function to report which columns were deleted
set_column_classesA function to change classes of multiple data.frame columns
subset_ibexSelect the right subset of the Ibex data
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