Man pages for anttsou/qmj
Quality Scores for the Russell 3000

clean_downloadsRemoves downloaded temporary files.
get_companiesBuilds a companies data frame from a text file.
get_infoGets raw financial statements from Google Finance.
get_pricesGrab daily prices and price returns for the previous two...
market_dataProduces component and quality scores.
market_growthCollects growth z-scores for companies
market_payoutsCollects payout z-scores for companies
market_profitabilityCollects profitability z-scores for companies
market_safetyCollects safety z-scores for companies
qmjExploring a quality minus junk approach to evaluating stocks
tidy_balancesheetsMakes raw balancesheet data usable and readable.
tidy_cashflowsMakes raw cash flow data usable and readable.
tidy_helperMain helper function for all tidy functions.
tidy_incomestatementsMakes raw incomestatement data usable and readable.
tidyinfoFormats raw financial data.
tidy_pricesFormats raw price data.
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