Man pages for anujkhare/iregnet
Regularized interval regression

coef.iregnetExtract model coefficients from iregnet object
compute_densitiesCompute the densities of given vector
fit_cppC++ function to fit interval censored models with elastic net...
get_status_from_survGet censoring status from a 'Surv' object
iregnetFit interval censored AFT models with elastic net...
iregnet_compute_gradientsCompute the gradients of the log Likelihood wrt beta, and...
penalty.learningPenalty learning data
plot.iregnetPlot the path of the variables of iregnet fit
predict.iregnetPredict response using new covariates
print.iregnetPrint the iregnet fit
stopifnot_errorstopifnot with custom error message
tidydfReturn a tidy data.frame from iregnet fit
transformed_distributionsList of non-basic distributions in terms of basic...
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