Man pages for aoles/EBImage
Image processing and analysis toolbox for R

abindCombine Image Arrays
bwlabelBinary segmentation
channelColor and image color mode conversions
claheContrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
colorLabelsColor Code Labels
colormapMap a Greyscale Image to Color
combineCombine images
computeFeaturesCompute object features
displayImage Display
display-shinyShiny Bindings for display
distmapDistance map transform
drawCircleDraw a circle on an image.
EBImagePackage overview
EBImage-defunctDefunct functions in package 'EBImage'
equalizeHistogram Equalization
fillHullFill holes in objects
filter22D Convolution Filter
floodFillRegion filling
gblurLow-pass Gaussian filter
ImageImage class
ioImage I/O
localCurvatureLocal Curvature
medianFilter2D constant time median filtering
morphologyPerform morphological operations on images
normalizeIntensity values linear scaling
ocontourOriented contours
otsuCalculate Otsu's threshold
paintObjectsMark objects in images
propagateVoronoi-based segmentation on image manifolds
rmObjectsObject removal and re-indexation
spatialSpatial linear transformations
stackObjectsPlaces detected objects into an image stack
threshAdaptive thresholding
tileTiling/untiling images
transposeImage Transposition
watershedWatershed transformation and watershed based object detection
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