Man pages for apeterson91/fhmm

fhmmFit a finite heirarchical mixture model
fhmm_fitfinite heirarchical mixture model - C++ estimation engine
green_loss_enginecomputes green loss function
green_loss.hmmLau and Green posterior loss function
helloHello, World!
hmmCreate an hmm object
pipePipe operator
plot_cluster_densities.hmmPlots cluster intensity function densities
plot_global_density.hmmPlots global density function - for monitoring convergence
plot.hmmPlot method for hmm objects
plot_map.hmmPlots clusters of a given observation with other observations...
plot_network.hmmNetwork Cluster Plot
plot_pairs.hmmplots pairwise probability clustering plot
plot_traceplots.hmmTraceplots of various NDP-NHPP parameters
print.hmmPrint method for hmm objects
rcpp_helloHello, Rcpp!
summary.hmmSummary method for hmm objects
to_latexconverts summary output to latex
to_latex.hmmconverts summary output to latex table
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