Man pages for apoorvalal/LalRUtils
Miscellaneous utility scripts for personal use (one line, title case)

binscatterR translation of Michael Stepner's binscatter for Stata...
convert_all_to_csvWrites all dataframes to csv
drop_missing_varsDrop variables with all NAs in dataframe
formula_stitcherStitches together formula for use in lm/glm
freq_tableSummary table with percentages for categorical variables
fuzzy_matchfuzzy matches 2 character vectors, and returns most similar...
get_and_unzipdownloads and unzips file if it is not found in current wdir
label_extractorextracts variable labels and returns a dataframe with...
lal_map_themeTheme for maps
lal_plot_themeTheme for nice looking plots
load_or_installLoads a list of libraries, installs when necessary
lower_varnamesLower variable names in a dataframe
multiplotStitches together multiple ggplot objects for export-ready...
read_all_filesReads in all datasets in given location
robustifyReplaces the standard errors (t and p vals)in FELM model...
robust_summaryReturns summary for lm object with robust standard errors
se_makerReturns summary for lm object with robust standard errors
transfer_dataPopulates a stat-transfer script to convert files to CSV
tsplotterCanned subroutine to plot time series for several variables
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