Man pages for appelmar/gdalcubes_R
Earth Observation Data Cubes from Satellite Image Collections

add_collection_formatDownload and install an image collection format from a URL
add_imagesAdd images to an existing image collection
animateAnimate a data cube as an image time series
apply_pixelApply a function over (multi-band) pixels
apply_pixel.arrayApply a function over pixels in a four-dimensional (band,...
apply_pixel.cubeApply arithmetic expressions over all pixels of a data cube
as_arrayConvert a data cube to an in-memory R array
as_jsonQuery data cube properties
as_starsCoerce gdalcubes object into a stars object
bandsQuery data cube properties
chunk_applyApply an R function on chunks of a data cube
collection_formatsList predefined image collection formats
create_image_collectionCreate an image collection from a set of GDAL datasets or...
cube_viewCreate, update, or query a spatiotemporal data cube view
dim.cubeQuery data cube properties
dimensionsQuery data cube properties
dimension_valuesQuery coordinate values for all dimensions of a data cube
extentDerive the spatiotemporal extent of an image collection
fill_timeFill NA data cube pixels by simple time series interpolation
filter_pixelFilter data cube pixels by a user-defined predicate on band...
gdalcubesgdalcubes: Earth Observation Data Cubes from Satellite Image...
gdalcubes_debug_outputEnable or disable debug output from the gdalcubes C++ library
gdalcubes_gdalformatsGet available GDAL drivers
gdalcubes_gdalversionGet the GDAL version used by gdalcubes
gdalcubes_optionsSet or read global options of the gdalcubes package
gdalcubes_server_statusStatus report of gdalcubes_server instances
gdalcubes_set_ncdf_compressionSet compression level for netCDF files produced by gdalcubes
gdalcubes_set_threadsSet the number of threads for parallel data cube processing
gdalcubes_start_serverStart one or more gdalcubes_server background processes
gdalcubes_stop_serverStop all gdalcubes_server processes
gdalcubes_use_cacheEnable or disable caching of cubes.
gdalcubes_versionQuery gdalcubes version information
image_collectionLoad an existing image collection from a file
image_maskCreate a mask for images in a raster data cube
join_bandsJoin bands of two identically shaped data cubes
memsizeQuery data cube properties
names.cubeQuery data cube properties
nbandsQuery data cube properties
ntQuery data cube properties
nxQuery data cube properties
nyQuery data cube properties
pack_minmaxHelper function to define packed data exports by min / max...
plot.cubePlot a gdalcubes data cube
print.cubePrint data cube information
print.cube_viewPrint data cube view information
print.image_collectionPrint image collection information
proj4Query data cube properties
raster_cubeCreate a data cube from an image collection
raster_cube_dummyCreate a dummy data cube with a fill value
read_chunk_as_arrayRead chunk data of a data cube from stdin or a file
reduceReduce all bands of a data cube over the time dimension with...
reduce_spaceReduce multidimensional data over space
reduce_space.arrayApply a function over space and bands in a four-dimensional...
reduce_space.cubeReduce a data cube over spatial (x,y or lat,lon) dimensions
reduce_timeReduce multidimensional data over time
reduce_time.arrayApply a function over time and bands in a four-dimensional...
reduce_time.cubeReduce a data cube over the time dimension
select_bandsSelect bands of a data cube
sizeQuery data cube properties
srsQuery data cube properties
window_timeApply a moving window operation over time
window_time.cubeApply a moving window function over the time dimension of a...
write_chunk_from_arrayWrite chunk data of a cube to stdout or a file
write_ncdfExport a data cube as a netCDF file
write_tifExport a data cube as a collection of GeoTIFF files
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