Man pages for appelmar/strucchange
Testing, Monitoring, and Dating Structural Changes

BostonHomicideYouth Homicides in Boston
boundaryBoundary Function for Structural Change Tests
boundary.efpBoundary for Empirical Fluctuation Processes
boundary.FstatsBoundary for F Statistics
boundary.mefpBoundary Function for Monitoring of Structural Changes
breakdatesBreakdates Corresponding to Breakpoints
breakfactorFactor Coding of Segmentations
breakpointsDating Breaks
catL2BBGenerators for efpFunctionals along Categorical Variables
confint.breakpointsfullConfidence Intervals for Breakpoints
DJIADow Jones Industrial Average
durabUS Labor Productivity
efpEmpirical Fluctuation Processes
efpFunctionalFunctionals for Fluctuation Processes
FstatsF Statistics
gefpGeneralized Empirical M-Fluctuation Processes
GermanM1German M1 Money Demand
GrossarlMarriages, Births and Deaths in Grossarl
logLik.breakpointsLog Likelihood and Information Criteria for Breakpoints
mefpMonitoring of Empirical Fluctuation Processes
PhillipsCurveUK Phillips Curve Equation Data
plot.efpPlot Empirical Fluctuation Process
plot.FstatsPlot F Statistics
plot.mefpPlot Methods for mefp Objects
RealIntUS Ex-post Real Interest Rate
recresidRecursive Residuals
root.matrixRoot of a Matrix
root.matrix.crossprodRoot of X^TX
scPublicationsStructural Change Publications
sctestStructural Change Tests
sctest.defaultStructural Change Tests in Parametric Models
sctest.efpGeneralized Fluctuation Tests
sctest.formulaStructural Change Tests in Linear Regression Models
sctest.FstatssupF-, aveF- and expF-Test
solveCrossprodInversion of X'X
SP2001S&P 500 Stock Prices
strucchange.internalInternal strucchange objects
supLMGenerators for efpFunctionals along Continuous Variables
USIncExpIncome and Expenditures in the US
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