Man pages for appling/unitted
Track Units as you Manipulate Data a unitted element of a data.frame the default S3 for
as.list.unittedConvert unitted object to list
as_tibbleConvert a unitted_list to a unitted_tibble
as.unitted_listConvert to a unitted_list
delimit_unitsWrap a unit in delimiters if required
deunittedExtract data from a unitted object
dot.strimportFrom utils str
get_unitbundlesThe internal, reasonably efficient method for acquiring an...
get_unitsGets the units as a string or strings.
is.unittedDetermine whether an object is unitted
joinJoin two unitted data.frames
merge_unitsTurn a units data.frame into the character representation of...
mutateImplements dplyr::mutate and dplyr::mutate_ for...
new_unitted_classDefine a custom subclass of 'unitted'
package-unittedRigorous unit tracking during data manipulation
parse_unitsTurn a units string into an internal units representation
prepare_delimiterWrap delimiter in regexp escape characters if appropriate
print.unittedPrint a unitted object
read_unittedRead a unitted data.frame from a text file that was written...
selectSelect/rename variables by name for unitted data.frames &...
separate_unitsSeparate a unitbundle into a data frame of units and powers
show-unitted-methodShow a unitted object
simplify_unitsCombine redundant units and eliminate units raised to the 0th...
sort_unitsSort the units data.frame by numerator/denominator and then...
unitbundle_ArithOperations on unitbundles
unitbundle-classClass unitbundle
unitbundle_CompareComparisons of unitbundles
unitbundle_LogicLogical operations on unitbundles
unitbundle_OpsOperations combining unitbundles and non-unitbundles
unittedAttach units to data
unitted_accessExtract parts of a unitted object
unitted_assignReplace parts of a unitted vector, array, or data.frame
unitted_bindBind unitted objects by row or column
unitted_cCombine unitted elements into a unitted vector
unitted-classA fusion of data and units
unitted_data.frame-classA data.frame with units attached to each column
unitted_half_join.unitted_data.frameInternal function to join two unitted data.frames
unitted_join.unitted_data.frameInternal function to join two unitted data.frames
unitted_mathGroup "Math" functions
unitted_mergeMerge unitted data.frames by one or more common columns
unitted_OpsOperations on unitbundles
unitted_repReplicate elements, maintaining the original units
unitted_strReturn the structure of a unitted object.
verify_unitsAssert that a unitted object has the expected units
write_unittedWrite a unitted object to file.
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