Man pages for ardata-fr/mschart
Chart Generation for 'Microsoft Word' and 'Microsoft PowerPoint' Documents

as_bar_stackset a barchart as a stacked barchart
body_add_chartadd chart into a Word document
browser_dataDummy dataset for barchart
browser_tsDummy dataset for barchart
chart_ax_xaxis settings
chart_data_fillModify fill colour
chart_data_labelsModify data labels settings
chart_data_line_widthModify line width
chart_data_sizeModify symbol size
chart_data_smoothSmooth series
chart_data_strokeModify marker stroke colour
chart_data_symbolModify symbol
chart_labelsModify axis and plot labels
chart_labels_textModify labels font settings
chart_settingsset chart options
mschartms_chart object
ph_with_chartadd chart into a PowerPoint slide
ph_with.ms_chartadd a MS Chart output into a PowerPoint object
print.ms_chartms_chart print method
set_themeset chart theme
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