This package provides a front-end interface to WDFWs SS (sport sampling) database. The package is in an early developmental state. It is intended to allow biologists working for the Puget Sound Sampling project to proof historical baseline data. This application will only work for those who have been granted appropriate permissions to the database. No credentials are stored in the R code. Each user will need to set up connection credentials using an .Renviron fil. The most recent version of the SS data dictionary at:


You will need to install R-4.0.2 or higher. You will also need to install the BaselineData package from GitHub.

# Install the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("remotes")

Storing database connection credentials

In order to use this application you must first be granted permissions to the database. You will then need to enter your credentials into your .Renviron file. Instructions on how to add credentials to your .Renviron file can be found in the Appendix section of:

Start and stop the application

Before launching the application you are strongly advised to make sure your default browser is set to something like Chrome or Firefox. The interface is unlikely to work correctly using a Microsoft browser. You can launch the web application by entering the following commands in your RStudio console:


This should pop up your default web browser and start rendering the interface. You should also see a red icon in the upper right-hand corner of the console indicating an active session. At the bottom of the RStudio console you should see something like:

Listening on

To stop the application close the web-interface in your browser. Then make sure to click on the red icon in the upper right-hand corner of the RStudio console to stop the active session. You should see the normal R prompt > at the bottom of the console window return. Make sure and stop the session as soon as you close the web interface in your browser so as to release any unneeded resources.

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