Man pages for arestrom/iformr
A set of tools to leverage the iFormBuilder API

add_options_to_listAdd option values to new option list
copy_pageCopy page
create_elementAdd element to page.
create_new_option_listCreate a new option list
create_pageCreate page
data2formCreate form from dataframe
data_feed_urlCompose a url to get data via the data feed mechanism
delete_options_in_listDelete all or some options in an option list
get_all_option_listsRetrieve all option lists.
get_all_pages_listGet list of all pages (i.e., form, or subform) in a profile
get_all_recordsGet all records for a set of fields in a page (i.e., form, or...
get_core_option_list_elementsGet core elements in an option list
get_iform_access_tokenRequest an access_token
get_option_list_element_idsGet list of option_ids for a given element
get_option_list_idGet the id of a single option list given an option list name
get_option_listsGet a listing of the first 100 option lists in a given...
get_page_idGet id of a single page (i.e., form, or subform) given a form...
get_page_recordGet a single record from a page (i.e., form, or subform)
get_page_record_listGet list of all record ids in a single page (i.e., form, or...
get_pages_listGet list of the first 100 pages (i.e., forms, or subforms) in...
get_selected_page_recordsGet multiple records for a set of fields in a page (i.e.,...
idate_timeConvert datetime values output by iFormBuilder
jencodeGenerate encoded request token
jwt_payloadDefine the jwt payload
locationsStream reach breaks for spawning ground surveys.
rename_pageRename page
retrieve_element_listRetrieve a List of Elements
update_options_in_listUpdate values in an existing option list
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