Man pages for arestrom/remisc
Some simple utility functions for personal use

add_intidAdd an grouped integer ID to a dataframe
c2fConvert temperature in celsius to degrees farenheit
capwordsConvert mixed case strings to capital case
f2cConvert temperature in farenheit to degrees celsius
find_nth_matchFind the nth match of one string in another string
fish_stat_weekCalculate statistical week from date values
get_text_itemExtract portion of a string defined be a separator
mult_byMultiply selected vectors by a constant
n_omitGet the length of a vector of any type, omitting NAs
set_emptyConvert NAs to empty strings ("")
set_naConvert empty strings to NAs
set_na_typeSet all values in a vector or dataframe to NA, but preserve...
set_na_zeroSet NA values in an integer or numeric vector to zero.
trimTrim white-space from either side of string
trim_semi_colonTrim trailing semi-colon from strings
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