Man pages for argschwind/dropseqr
Utilities for Drop-seq data processing

avg_moleculesAverage molecules per gene
cell_samplerSample cells and apply function
cumfrac_rpcCumulative fraction of reads per cell barcode
ms_dge_dataExample mixed-species DGE data
ms_dge_summaryExample mixed-species DGE summary information
plot_cumfrac_rpcPlot cumulative fraction of reads per cell barcode
read_ms_dge_filesRead mixed-species DGE files
read_ms_dge_summaryRead mixed-species DGE summary files
reads_per_cell_barcodeExample reads per cell barcode data
sample_cellsRandomly sample cells
sample_cells_applySample cells and apply function
sample_from_levelsSample from levels of a factor
total_moleculesNumber of molecules per gene
txs_ms_dgeSpecies-specific transcripts
txs_ms_dge_summarySpecies-specific transcripts
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