Man pages for armelmoth/shinyFilesDropBox
What the package does (short line)

dirDropCreatorCreate a function that creates a new directory
dirDropGetterCreate a function that updates a folder tree based on the...
formatDropFiletypeFormats the value of the filetype argument
getInfoGet the information about the children's folder
shinyDropFilesExampleRun a simple example app using the shinyFiles functionality
shinyFilesDropBoxshinyFilesDropBox package
shinyFilesDropBox-buttonsCreate a button to summon a shinyFiles dialog
shinyFilesDropBox-fileGetterCreate a function that returns fileinfo according to the...
shinyFilesDropBox-observersCreate a connection to the server side filesystem
shinyFilesDropBox-parsersConvert the output of a selection to platform specific...
traverseDropDirsTraverse and update a tree representing the file system
updateDropChildrenUpdate the children element to reflect current state
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