Man pages for aroneklund/squash
Color-Based Plots for Multivariate Visualization

cimageDraw a matrix of colored rectangles
cmapApply a color map to numeric data
colorgramDraw a colorgram (heatmap) of a matrix
ColorPalettesBonus color palettes
corrogramDraw a color-coded triangular matrix of pairwise correlations
dendromatPlot a dendrogram with a colorgram underneath
diamondDraw diamonds
distogramDraw a color-coded triangular distance matrix
hist2Bivariate histogram
hkeyAdd a color key to a plot
makecmapGenerate a color map from numeric values to colors
matapplyApply a function over z coordinates, binned by their x, y...
prettyIntPretty breakpoints
savematSave a matrix as a raster image file
squashgramVisualize a function of z coordinates, binned by x, y...
trianglegramDraw a color-coded triangular matrix
xyzmat2xyzConvert (x, y, zmat) coordinates to (x, y, z) coordinates
xyzmat.coordsExtract (x, y, z) coordinates, where z is a matrix
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