Man pages for artedison/ensRadaptor
Metabolic model creator for ensemble method

as_data_frame_rownamemodified version of for rownames
boxplot_multi_expboxplot of multiple species and different experiments
boxplot_multi_exp_combboxplot of multiple species and different experiments
change_blockEditing or showing specific blocks (ens.i01)
change_defediting or showing ens.def files
change_paraEditing or showing ensemble input files (ens.i01) for single...
change_shediting or showing files
comb_accumcomb accumulated run
densi_regionconstructed density frunction from a list of interval
depend_fordependences formulation
draw_histplot distribution histogram for summary
draw_sweepplot var~sweep
equa_checkcheck equalabration
exp_model_overlayoverlay experiment measurement with model predicted result in...
exp_model_tabexperiment specie concentration fetching(o01)
file_str_whichfile based str_which
foldcreatefolder creating
formu_reacformualte transcription and translation
homoge_filemodify output script for consistency
iniguessset initial guess
k1_rangek1 range production
kine_para_refinerefine kinetic parameters
linecountcount number of lines in the file
mod_model_tabmodel specie concentration fetching(o01)
multi_line_mapstr_which for multiple lines
nameparserparser for name information
numparseparse the parameter numbers for theta speceis/parameters
o02_cleanclean o02 file
o02_readerreader for o02 file
o03_readerreader for o03 file
plot_multi_spec_timeplot of time trajectory of multiple species
pre_file_prepareprepare input files
prior_readerread the prior information
randloglhsinitial guess generate
react_outputformulate the reaction part of i01 (in a default format)
react_output_formatformulate the reaction part of i01 based on format files
read_reacread reactions file
rela_ind_screenuse relative locaiton between indx and indy to filter indy
spec_outputformulate the species part of i01(in a default format)
spec_output_formatformulate the species part of i01 based on format files
summary_inputsummary input files
summary_o02summary plot for o02
summary_reacreaction summary
tabparsetable data parse
template_exp_dataformualte the dataset (i02)
template_spec_reacproduce i01 file
update_historyrecord history in the history file
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