Man pages for arwasayegh/mdep
midas data extraction and pre-processing

addDescMIDASadds a description of the loop detector location
calcMinAvgSpdMIDAScalculates average minimum speeds
coordinatesMIDASadds lat/lon coordinates of the loop detectors
createMIDAScreates a midas object
cutTimeMIDAScuts data to selected time period
datetimeMIDASconverts Date and Time to class POSIXct/POSIXt
downloadMIDASdownloads tcd from the MIDAS server and decode to csv files
generics.midasgeneric functions for midas
laneNrMIDASextracts number of lanes
macroMIDAScalculates macroscopic traffic variables
mdep-packagemidas data extraction and pre-processing
nrowreturns the number of rows or columns
rbindMIDASbinds and orders multiple objects of class 'midas'
readMIDASreads and creates a MIDAS object
reduceMIDASremoves NA columns
routeMIDAScuts data to a specified route
wideMacroMIDASreshapes from long to wide data frame
zeroSpeedsdeals with zero speeds
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