Man pages for aschersleben/NBCD
Naive Bayes for Online Classification with Concept Drift

getDataRotHyp2Generates data of "rotating hyperplane" example.
getDataRotNorm2Generates data of rotating normal (two-dimensional)...
getPredictionModelGet a prediction model from NBCD model.
getWaitingTimeWaiting Time Calculation
getWaitingTime2Waiting Time Calculation via Integral
initModelInitialize NBCD model.
makeNBCDmodelMake or update NBCD model.
nb2nb2: Extended Naive Bayes - Updateable Version
pasteheadPaste head of object to a string with a maximal length.
plot.nb2Plot Naive Bayes Models
plot.NBCDPlot predicted class values of NBCD model.
pol2cartPolar to Cartesian Coordinates
predict.nb2Prediction for Extended Naive Bayes (nb2)
predict.NBCDPredict class values for new data with NBCD model.
print.nb2Printing nb2 objects.
print.NBCDPrint information about NBCD model.
resetModelReset Model when waiting.time reached
rnhyperCreate hyperplane data with independant normal distributions
setPredictionModelCreate a prediction model from parts of an NBCD model.
update.nb2Update Naive Bayes Classifier with New Data
updateVarYCVariance calculation (updatable) by Youngs and Cramer
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