Viperfish-package: SEDs with Shark or Stingray

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Makes SEDs with outputs from Shark and/or Stingray using ProSpect. Named "Viperfish"" due to its ability to make dark things (SAMs and dark-cones in this case) shine, a bit like the bioluminescent viperfish.

The basic flow is usually that SURFS makes an N-body suite, this is processed by Velociraptor and TreeFrog to make trees, Shark uses this to make a SAM output, Stingray turns this into a light-cone (but really a dark-cone at this stage), and Viperfish turns this into a true light-cone with SEDs attached to all of the galaxies and photometric outputs.


Package: Viperfish
Type: Package
Version: 0.5.2
Date: 2020-10-16
License: LGPL-3
Depends: ProSpect (>= 0.7.8), data.table, hdf5r
Imports: celestial, bit64, foreach, doSNOW, checkmate, snow, ini


Aaron Robotham: Claudia Lagos Rodrigo Tobar

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