Man pages for asgr/magicaxis
Pretty Scientific Plotting with Minor-Tick and Log Minor-Tick Support

magaxisMagically pretty axes
magbandAttractive great circles and thick bands on magproj plots
magbarPretty colour bar
magbin2D Binning Routines
magclipMagical sigma clipping
magcon2D quantile images and contours
magcurveDraw Function Plots
magcutoutImage Cutout Utility
magerrError bar plotting
maghistMagically pretty histograms
magimageMagically pretty images
maglabPretty scientific labelling
magmapValue remapper
magplotMagically pretty plots
magprojMagic longitude / latitude projection function
magrunRunning averages
magtriHigh level triangle plotting code for MCMC chains
plot.magbinPlot 2D Histogram or Bin Data
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