Man pages for ashbaldry/vstsr
Access to Visual Studio Team Services API via R

vsts_accountVisual Studio Team Services Account
vsts_auth_keyVisual Studio Team Service Authentication Key
vsts_build_defVisual Studio Project Build Definition Information
vsts_create_releaseVisual Studio Project Release Information
vsts_create_wkVisual Studio Project Work Items
vsts_get_commitsVisual Studio Project Git Repositories
vsts_get_releaseVisual Studio Project Release Information
vsts_get_wkVisual Studio Project Get Work Items
vsts_get_workitem_fieldsVisual Studio Work Item Fields
vsts_projectVisual Studio Projects
vstsrvstsr: A package connecting R and Visual Studio
vsts_release_defVisual Studio Project Release Definition Information
vsts_release_envVisual Studio Project Release Environment Information
vsts_repoVisual Studio Project Repositories
vsts_run_commandVisual Studio Custom API Calls
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