Man pages for ashiklom/metar
Add Metadata to your Data

add_column_metadataAdd metadata to columns of a data frame
add_metadataAdd metadata to an object
convert_classConvert object to class, dealing with special cases
extract_attributesConvert metadata list to attributes list suitable for...
extract_colclassesExtract column classes from metadata
get_all_metadataExtract all metadata from a data.frame and format for YAML...
list2dfConvert list to data.frame with list columns where...
metadataAccess and set object metadata
read_csvyRead a CSVY file
read_yaml_headerRetrieve YAML header from file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
schema_type_dictTranslations between Table Schema types and R's types
write_csvyWrite data and its metadata to a CSVY file
write_yamlWrite list as YAML file
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