Man pages for ashiklom/mvtraits
New Phytologist multivariate trait analysis

bar_plot_matrixDraw matrix of correlation bar plots
check_convergenceCheck convergence of MCMC samples
default_stickplotStick plot for comparing group means and covariances
draw_ellipseDraw ellipse
draw_majoraxisDraw ellipse major axis
draw_muGibbs draw of mean vector
draw_SigmaGibbs draw of covariance matrix
draw_sticksDraw ellipse covariance axes from ellipse data
ellipse_axesCalculate axes for covariance matrix ellipse
error_bar_plotBar plot with error bars
get_ellipseRetrieve covariance ellipse for single result
get_limsCalculate x and y limits from ellipse data
log_meanLognormal distribution parameter conversion functions
prep_stickplotRetrieve all covariance ellipse data for plotting
random_data_hierRandom hierarchical multivariate data
random_data_multiRandom simple multivariate data
random_missingIntersperse a random number of NAs through data
rearrange_dfRearrange result data frame into correct parameter order
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
single_bar_plotSingle bar plot panel
stickplot_pairsDraw a pairs-like plot of covariance sticks
test_significantTest if pairwise correlations are significant
text_plotSimple text panel
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