Man pages for ashiklom/riri
Helper functions for working with Columbia IRI LDEO climate data library

expert2stringConvert IRIDL "expert mode" code to URL string
expert2urlConvert IRIDL "expert mode" code directly to URL
filter_list2stringConcatenate list of filters to a single string
filter_pointConvert latitude-longitude pair to IRIDL filter point
generate_urlGenerate IRIDL URL for a gven return type
get_source_infoGet metadata for a source string
get_tabularRetrieve climate data from a source in tabular form
get_worldclim_siteGet worldclim data for a bunch of variables for a given site
get_worldclim_sitevarGet worldclim data for a single site
iridl_base_urlBase URL for IRIDL
ncep_varShortcut for adding NCEP variable
process_dateConvert NetCDF date to POSIX
read_nc2listRead all variables from NetCDF file to list
read_ncvarRead single variable from NetCDF file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
retrieve_dataDownload file from URL
returntypeDispatch return type
returntype_tableReturn a two-column table
returntype_valueReturn a single vector value
worldclim_coordsConvert lat lon coordinates to two-part Worldclim grid
worldclim_varsWorldclim variables
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