Man pages for astamm/fdahotelling
Inference for Functional Data Analysis in R

aneuriskAneurisk dataset
eigenvaluesPositive eigenvalues of the sample covariance matrix
fdahotellingInference for Functional Data Analysis in R
matrix_powerPower of symmetric positive definite matrix
parametric_powerPower calculation for the Hotelling's parametric test
partitionData partitioning
permutation_powerPower calculation for the permutation test
pseudoinversePseudoinverse of the sample covariance matrix
random_groupRandom index generator for data splitting
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rmvnormMultivariate Gaussian random generator in C++
stat_hotelling_implCompute Hotelling's T^2 statistic
statisticsStatistics for functional data
testsInference on the Mean for Multivariate and Functional Data
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