Man pages for astamm/nevada
NEtwork-VAlued Data Analysis

as_nvdCoercion to Network-Valued Data Object
distancesDistances Between Networks
dist_nvdPairwise Distance Matrix Between Two Samples of Networks
edge_count_global_variablesTransform distance matrix in edge properties of minimal...
mean.nvdFréchet Mean of Network-Valued Data
nevada-packagenevada: network-valued data analysis
nvdNetwork-Valued Data Constructor
plot.nvdMDS Visualization of Network Distributions
power_twosamplePower Simulations for Permutation Tests
representationsNetwork Representation Functions
repr_nvdNetwork-Valued to Matrix-Valued Data
statisticsTest Statistics for Network Populations
test_twosampleComparison of Network Distributions
var_nvdFréchet Variance of Network-Valued Data
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