Man pages for asw221/dlm
Distributed Lag Models for Built Environment Applications

basisBasis vectors
changePointLag coefficient change points
cholfVarExtract Cholesky factor of inverse Information matrix
dlmDistributed lag models
dlmBE-packagedlmBE: Distributed lag models in R using lme4
dlModDistributed lag model objects
estimandsExtract DLM parameter estimates
interpret.dlmInterpret a DLM formula
LagBasisCreate and manipulate lag basis functions
lagIndexExtract list of indices of lag terms
lme4.dlmFit distributed lag models using lme4
makeDlModConvert fitted models to 'dlMod' objects
omegaExtract lag basis matrix
parse.namesPartition DL term names
plotDlmPlots of lag terms
predict.LagBasisPredict new values for fitted lag basis
scaleMatExtract distributed lag scale matrix
simdataSimulated built environment data
smoothingBasis smoothing
SmoothLagLag matrix with applied smoothing
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