Man pages for audreyqyfu/mrpc
Mendelian Randomization (MR) based PC Algorithm

aSHDAdjusted Structural Hamming Distance (aSHD)
Case_1PCase for One Parent Generating Simulated Data
Case_2PCase for Two Parents Generating Simulated Data
Case_3PCase for Three Parent Generating Simulated Data
Case_NPCase for No Parent Generating Simulated Data
Cut_ModulesCut the Modules
DendroModuleGraphVisualization of Nodes by Dendrogram with Modules and...
EdgeOrientationEdges Orientation Rules for the MRPC Algorithm
emptyCheck empty matrix
ExampleMRPCExample Data for Simple and Complex Model
ModiSkeletonDraw Undirected Graph using the Modified Skeleton Function
mpinvFunction of Calculate Inverse Matrix
MRPCEstimate the DAG using Generalized Mendelian Randomization...
Recall_PrecisionPerformance Evaluation by Recall and Precision in MRPC
RobustCorRobust Correlation Matrix
seqDiffDeviation of the Two Sequnce
SeqFDRSequential FDR
simudata_LayeredData for Layers Model
simudata_M0Data for Model 0
simudata_M1Data for Model 1
simudata_M2Data for Model 2
simudata_M3Data for Model 3
simudata_M4Data for Model 4
simudata_multiparentData for Multiple Parents Model
simudata_starshapedData for Star Model
SimulatedDataGenerating Simulated Data
SimulationDemoSame data but different node ordering
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