Man pages for aultsch/DataIO
IO Handling for Files Containing Data

addextadd file extensions to file names
ChecksumCalculates the checksums for *.data files
dataToDataframeload a *.data file into a data.frame
indexmergesort dbt files by given index
OldData2NewDatawandelt altes Format in neues Format automatisch um.
ReadBMLoad bestmatches from *.bm files
ReadCLSload *.cls files
ReadDatareads *.data files
ReadIMXload .imx files
ReadLRNload *.lrn files
ReadNAMESload *.names files
ReadNSMRead named sparse matrix
ReadPointsLoad bestmatches (bm) and/or ProjectedPoints (xy) from *.bm...
ReadSparseMatrixReads sparse matrixes from *.lrn files.
ReadTXTload text to a file
ReadTXT2DATACreates data object from .txt tables
ReadUMXload .umx files
ReadWTSload .wts files
SparseToFullCreate matrix lrn from sparse
verifyDataVerify *.data files
WriteBMsave .bm files
WriteCLSsave *.cls files
WriteDatawrite *.data files
WriteIMXsave to .imx files
WriteLRNsave *.lrn files
WriteLRN2DataWriteLRN2Data(LRNFileName) reads *.lrn file and writes *.Data...
WriteNAMESWrite NAMES to file
WriteNSMWrite named sparse matrix
WritePointsSave bestmatches (bm) of ESOM and/or ProjectedPoints (xy) to...
WriteSparseMatrixWrites sparse matrixes in *.lrn format to the filesystem
WriteTXTsave text to a file
WriteUMXsave .umx files
WriteWTSsave .wts files
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