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ade4TkGUI is a Tcl/Tk GUI for some statistical functions of the ade4 package and uses the graphical functions of the adegraphics package.

The ade4 package contains Data Analysis functions to analyse Ecological and Environmental data in the framework of Euclidean Exploratory methods. To learn more about ade4, see the web site and the GitHub page, and for adegraphics, see the GitHub page.

The ade4TkGUI package mixes the advantages of a GUI (ease to use, no need to learn numerous commands) with the possibility to use R expressions in the dialog boxes, to generate understandable R commands, and to manage a session history file.

Installing ade4TkGUI

To install the development version from github:

  1. Install the release version of devtools from CRAN with install.packages("devtools").

  2. Make sure you have a working development environment.

    • Windows: Install Rtools.
    • Mac: Install Xcode from the Mac App Store.
    • Linux: Install a compiler and various development libraries (details vary across different flavors of Linux).
  3. In a R console :


The stable version can be installed from CRAN using:


You also must install the ade4 and adegraphics packages in a stable version from CRAN or in a development one from GitHub.




Once installed, the package can be loaded using:


If you do not wish to install the development environments Rtools (Windows) / XCode (Mac), you can get the binary packages here:

Start with ade4TkGUI

The core of the package is the ade4TkGUI() function which opens this main GUI window : fig-figure1

Only a limited subset of ade4 functions is displayed. Less frequently used functions are available through the menus of the menu bar, located at the top of the window.

The ade4TkGUI() function takes two arguments, show and history. The first one determines wether the R commands generated by the GUI should be printed in the console. If the history argument is set to TRUE, the commands generated by the GUI are also stored in the .Rhistory file, where they can easily be retrieved by the user.

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